Searching for work in England and Scotland

  • Co-operation for receiving legal documents for your work stay in England and Scotland.
  • Required documents for newly joined clients:
    • - NIN ( national insurance number )
    • - Bank account ( банкова сметка )
    • - UTR ( данъчен номер )
  • Every client, who has the ambition to work in England and Scotland, will be freely consultated on their choice of free time. As well as giving an individual payment offer with a date for our co-operation!
  • Registration of self-employed or LTD /company/. Co-operation with the finalization of the accounting year and the returning of taxes! Consultation and help with filling out the forms for acquiring a Child benefit, as well as other social help!
  • Co-operation with car insurance and clam bonus!
  • Preparation of a CV!

Employement in England and Scotland.

работа във ферми

All our clients will be appointed to work in England or Scotland with a licensed employer in a farm with a direct employement contract. Also accomodation suitable for living - type caravans. Candidation for work in England and Scotland are not bound by taxes.


Transportation in England and Scotland.

работни места в Англия

After being accepted in a job offer situated in England and Scotland, we will be able to provide you with an available transport from whichever airport you arrive in, also a transport to the farm, in which you have been accepted to work. We have a contract with a licensed transportation firm, which have a Bulgarian speaking personnel. In gratitude of those who can not understand English very well. You will be able to reach any point in England or Scotland depending where you want to arrive and work.

Accomodation in England and Scotland

In addition to acquiring your work on the territory of The Great Britain, we will take care of the accomodation and secure normal condition for living during your stay in England or Scotland.

The accomodation in most cases are caravans type mobile houses which include a kitchen, two bedrooms, living room, a WC and a bathroom. Monolithic houses or capms, in which it's entirely up to the employer, who you will work for. The accomodation fees are on your bill which in most cases vary from 35 to 37 GBP, weekly with included electricity and gas.


Актуални оферти

Бране на цветя - Англия

Набираме сезонни работници за бране на цветя (нарциси) на територията на Англия.

Работа във ферми за целина

Работен процес - Бране, Засяване както пакетиране на Целина и други култури. Работата е за физически издръжливи хора с възможност за заминаване веднага.