Packaging workshop in Great Britain

ферми за целина

NEW job opportunities in Warehouses Pack-house foods, salads, and more. England and Scotland.

We are looking for motivated people from 18 to 55 years of age with a good level of English to work. This is not suitable for people without a very good knowledge of English !!


Farm workers

ферми за бране на ябълки

Recruit (men, women, couples) working in agriculture in England and Scotland. We are looking for people from 18 to 50 years of age to work on farms.

Accommodation in houses or caravans, average up to 8 people in houses and caravans to 6, depending on the premises in them. The houses and caravans are equipped with kitchen and bathroom.


Recruiting seasonal flower workers

ферми за бране на ягоди

Recruiting seasonal workers for picking flowers (daffodils) across England.

Requirements - workers must be between 18 and 50 years of age, physically healthy.

The work is picking and sorting flowers, working is either by hour or a set of norms (depending on season and peak in the greenhouse).


Recruitment for winter farms

ферми за бране на ягоди

Working in the UK, continues the recruitment of seasonal workers for the end of 2018 and early 2019. New offers for picking cauliflower in November, packing Brussels sprouts in December, picking and packing of flowers in January.

Payment - Payment is guaranteed of 7.83 GBP per hour (if you are under 25 years old) and 7.83 GBP (if you are over 25 years old). Those who have experienced a working norm (piece of) the payment shall be based on their ability. Average weekly payment 230 - 350 GBP. In the peak, picking average payment varies between 380 - 520 GBP per week.


Recruitment for Asparagus - 2018

ферми за бране на ягоди

Recruiting men, women and couples to work in a farm starting from 20 March 2018.

You must be between 18 - 45 years old, motivation for physical work. Starting from January 20, 2018. Each successful candidate that has traveled previously, has to have an issued employement contract by the employer, will be asked to bring it to us.


Recruiting warehouse workers

ферми за бране на ягоди

We are offering positions for warehouse workers. Large storage centers in England and Scotland for men, women and couples.


Workflow: picking, packing and palletizing. It is possible that heavy lifting would be included.


Актуални оферти

Бране на цветя - Англия

Набираме сезонни работници за бране на цветя (нарциси) на територията на Англия.

Работа във ферми за целина

Работен процес - Бране, Засяване както пакетиране на Целина и други култури. Работата е за физически издръжливи хора с възможност за заминаване веднага.